The RAM or Random Access Memory is the computer’s hardware device that allows storage onto itself and stores the computer’s primary memory or system memory.

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What is the purpose of RAM?

The purpose of RAM IS to provide a quick read and write access to a storage device. RAM is used for temporary storage in your computer that lets you load things quicker than a hard drive. All data that you have been using on your computer is stored in the RAM temporarily. The RAM provides much faster read or write actions compared to a hard drive. RAMs are faster than most hard drives. Hard drives have physical limitations like issues in rotation speed.

How does RAM work?

Even though the computer has other types of memories inside, RAM is the primary storage that the processor uses. As RAM is a temporary memory, all data stored on it is erased once the computer shuts off. In case of power loss, the memory on the RAM will also be deleted. Despite this inconvenience, why do people use it? It is because of the high-speed RAM supports.

File storage does not require RAM; it is often misinterpreted that RAM stores files. 1 GB of memory in RAM is not like the 1GB of memory in a hard drive. A hard drive does not lose its data when the device is turned off. For example, you are working on a document or file in a computer. When you restart your computer, the files would not still be open. RAM is why none of your programs or files is still open once the device is shut down.

Where is the RAM on the computer?

The RAM in your computer is a module that looks like a thin short ruler. This module is installed in the memory module slot, which is located in the motherboard. The slots look like small hinges that help the RAM to be held in its position. For a good installation of the memory, the bottom of the module has several notches which are lined with connectors

What does RAM do for a computer?

RAM helps a computer to become faster on various operation types. You would not need to use a program one at a time.

When you open a program, such as an internet browser or a word processor, the microprocessor shifts the executable files in your computer from the hard disk and into the RAM. More extensive programs use more massive amounts of memory. The total megabytes used by a memory depend on a program, whether it has graphics, numerous browsing pages etcetera.

What does RAM do for gaming?

RAM is an essential part of gaming. The RAM is faster and much bigger than a hard drive, which is why it is preferred for gaming. It loads the game onto it and is used for storing temporary items.

Types of RAM

RAM is used in almost all devices. The common RAMs are:

  • SRAM (Static RAM)
  • DRAM (Dynamic RAM)
  • SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM)
  • SDR SDRAM (Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM)
  • DDR SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM)
  • GDDR SDRAM, GDDR2, GDDR3, GDDR4, GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM)
  • Flash Memory

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