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Not long ago, the iPhone repair business was brisk and growing with each passing day. Nonetheless, in the recent past, the iPhone repair business has witnessed a sudden slump. While it is still unclear why this has happened, we have identified the following reasons behind this unfortunate phenomena:

1) Drastic Reduction in AppleCare + Charges

In a recent development, Apple Inc. has reduced the price of replacing a cracked iPhone screen. The AppleCare+ program charges $129 for all its phones except the “SE” model (the charge is only $99 for this model). Previously, Apple charged $99 for replacing the screen of its 6S and 6S Plus models and $79 for all other models but now they charge only $29 for doing the same job.

Any other damage to the phone shall incur a base charge of $99 (exclusive of taxes). Please note that these charges are applicable only if you enroll for the Apple Care Plus program. If you do not have Apple Care+ facility, then you shall end up spending anywhere from $129 to $149 just get your broken screen replaced.

2) Improved Apple Hardware Coverage

The AppleCare+ program now ensures that your iPhone is either repaired or completely replaced. Even the labor charges are waived off in the wake of a repair job. The cheap insurance cover takes care of your earphones, the battery, all related accessories and the phone itself. Two incidences of accidental damages are also covered under this program (the screen replacement costs $29 and any other damages to the phone costs a flat fee of $99).

3) Poor Quality of Aftermarket Screens

The iPhone screens that you usually get at local repair shops are poor in quality. These poor copies start giving trouble within a few weeks of replacing the original screens. The only success that these cheap screen copies had was with the iPhone 4 model. They have never worked on any other model. Poor screen copies available at local stores have forced apple consumers to head back to authorized iPhone technicians.

4) Launch of iPhone 7

The new iPhone7 model has caused quite a stir in the market. Instead of getting their old phones repaired, people have now begun to sell off their old models and opt for the new phone. The new model has advanced safety features to avoid breakage or damage. This has negatively impacted iPhone repair jobs in the market.

5) DIY Methods

People have devised unique methods to fix a broken screen. They have also started repairing defective touch IDs and headphone jacks. Even damaged speakers of an iPhone can be repaired at home. These DIY methods have brought about a drastic reduction in the total number of people visiting iPhone repair shops.

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