You will often hear the sad news from a family member or a friend about their phone being broken. We all know this usually happens when you drop your phone on a hard surface but there is no study that can give the exact number of such incidents. iPhone users are also among the statistics. If you have a broken screen, it is better to get it replaced before your iPhone gradually loses its visual appeal and of course its functionality. You may go to a nearby iPhone dealer and ask them to assist you with it but if you decide to do it yourself; you should research thoroughly and ready to face some technical malfunctions.

It is often a problem with iPhone that when you replace iPhone 6S screen, it may not turn on. It could be due to one of many reasons. The first thing you should check for is that the screen you installed is not faulty. Connect your phone to your computer and see if it is recognized by the Itunes. This will help you identify the fault in the newly installed screen. If the screen is fine and you can see the icons on it but they are dim, then you might have blown the backlight circuit. It is a usual defect with IPad Mini and in the phones; 6S is one of the most affected models. Such damage is commonly caused when you try to repair with the battery connected to the phone.

The key is to always disconnect the battery before you start the repair. If the screen is fine, then you may need to replace the backlight IC (U1502), filters, coils and diodes. The procedure is not very difficult or costly but it will require expertise and professional equipment. It is highly recommended that you find an expert for this. Dealing with such procedures without the requisite knowledge and experience may result in some other issue. For iPhone 6s, when you change the screen and it is not visible immediately, disconnect the battery before adjusting FPC Flex Connectors. If you fail to do so, you may hear a poof sound or see smoke coming out of the circuit.

One of the LCD connector pins in iPhone 6S has steady 4 volts and the ground is exactly next to it. This is what makes the circuit blow away normally. It is highly recommended that you read these guidelines before you change your iPhone 6s screen. Do some research and seek help from an expert. If you are unsure about it, find a nearby shop and ask them to assist you. There are lots of online portals which can provide assistance regarding this issue.

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