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Hey tech geeks!!!

Want to write about technology on our website? You are more than welcome here.

About our audience

Our audience ranges from 16 years old to 50 years old. In short, almost everyone who is into technology is our target audience. We mostly focus on how-to topics and tech product reviews.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

We have simple to follow guidelines which help us ensure that once your article is published you get the maximum exposure and engagement

  • Content Idea: Send us your content ideas at ( before writing the article. Sending more than 3 different titles for the editors to choose from is appreciable
  • Topics: Currently we are accepting guest posts related tech products.
  • Style: Listicles and how-to guides
  • Original: Make sure that the article and the content within the article is original
  • Quality: Content with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes will be sent back for correction.
  • Writing Style: You can write in either casual or professional tone, but once decided, be congruent. ( 3 to 4 sentences per para is recommended.)
  • Word Count: More than 900 words
  • Keyword Density: Keep the keyword density to 1 – 3 % of the total content. This goes for the single, double, and triple words keywords.
  • Linking: Linking is welcomed. Include links to facts, research, resources, and support your insights, information, and arguments (with outbound links, where applicable). We do not allow links on keywords.
  • Images: Attach high-resolution images that will go along with the article. We accept images in jpg, jpeg, and gif format. Provide image credit by linking to the source.
  • Headline, subheading, and description: Write catchy headlines and write a description a.k.a meta description as well along with the article.
  • Author Bio: Once the article is accepted and ready for publishing, send us your author bio ( 50 to 60 words in length) along with the final draft.

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